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pinxos image plates with pinxos a photo of carrer de blai pinxos image place image place image

Carrer de Blai

In this street you will find many bars that serve “Pinxos”, which are a piece of bread with many toppings on them. You can go barhop and try many. They are all about 1,5€ each. Next to Blai street there is “Quimet I Quimet” Tapas bar, definitely worth visiting.

a photo of 'El Sortidor' a famous bar in carrer del parlament a view of the area around carrer del parlament a nice view of the atmosphere's street an outside photo of'Bar Calders' the main entrance of 'Agust' bar in carrer del parlament

del Parlament

Calm but lively street has great bars if you want to eat some tapas or go for drinks. We personally recommend “Bar Calders” for drinking and “La Robadora” for eating.

the main entrance of 'Bar celta pulperia' an incredible view of the architectural style of carrer de la Merce the main entrance of 'bar la plata' the main entrance of 'La tasca del coral' in carrer de la Merce an inside view of the eccentric bar Sor Rita

de la Mercè

This street is a mix between great tapas bars like “Bar Celta pulpería”, “La Plata”, “Tasca del Corral” and then just drinking bars that never close like “Bar Sor Rita” and “El Bombon”.

a photo of Carrer de Joaquín Costa another photo of Carrer de Joaquín Costa an outside view of bar almirall in carrer de joaquin costa an inside view of Two Schmuks cocktails bar an outside view of the hipster bar “33/45”

Carrer de
Joaquín Costa

For drinking only, this street has more bars than houses. Hipster bars like “33/45”, old bars like “Bar Almirall”, cocktail bars like “Two Schmuks”, and many more. Just walk and pick your favourite.

a photo of Passeig del Born a photo of Passeig del Born the main entrance of Paradiso cocktails bar the main entrance of bar Savage (cocktails bar) outside view of Bormuth tapas barx

Passeig del Born

Passeig del Born has in general drinking bars, but very near you can go to “xampanyet” or “Bormuth” to eat some tapas. “Paradiso” is a hidden cocktail bar for cocktail lovers.